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Very detailed and informative course! I have always been an admirer of Asian traditional painting and this course provided me of an insider's look of this magic world. With the help of Talia and the ARTBRUSH online courses, I have managed to learn, exercise and master special brushwork techniques otherwise inaccessible to me. I also got an overall understanding of the aesthetics around this beautiful world of ink painting.

I totally recommend this!

—  Olympia T. Artist & Writer

As a beginner in Japanese Ink Painting, Talia's approach to teaching made me feel completely comfortable. I have learnt so much about the history, processes and application of Ink Painting and cannot wait to continue pursuing my newfound skill set even further. I would recommend ArtBrush to everyone, no matter of capability, it's a truly unique school which allows for dedicated and encouraging learning.

—  Holly GArtist

Usually I would prefer a direct teaching with Talia, but these days as we are Corona isolated, there is nothing like the simplicity of painting with Talia's instructions. To dive into the ink and colour, is the best anti-corona medicine. Especially when painting purple-lilac Wisteria, with its healing properties, connecting me to a better World. Having sent my practice to Talia, her personal responses are ever so encouraging and inspiring. Highly recommended.

Tamar S. Family Doctor & Herbalist

בדרך כלל אני מעדיפה מפגש ישיר עם המורה, אבל בימים אלה, כשאנחנו בסגר הקורונה, אין כמו בפשטות לצייר בהנחייתה של טליה

לשקוע אל הצבע והדיו, הדף והמכחול – זאת תרופה אנטיקורונית בעליל

במיוחד הסגול הלילכי של הויסטריה נושא עמו מרפא לחיבור לעולם טוב יותר

והמורה - רואה מגיבה ומעודדת – אין דברים כאלה, ממש יחס אישי ומעודד

ממליצה בחום

ד׳׳ר תמר שבט

Talia’s ArtBrush online school guides its students onto a soulful journey into the realms of traditional Japanese ink painting. It is a unique combination between the disciplined perfection of the inner discourse of the hand, brush and ink, with an opportunity for new horizons as well as deep and spontaneous individual insights.

— Tsipi W. Art Historian

ביה"ס ללימודי מכחול של טליה להבי סוחף את הלומדים בו למסע אל נבכי הנפש במרחבי ציור הדיו היפני המסורתי

יש בו שילוב ייחודי בין שכלול ממושמע של השיח הפנימי בין היד, המכחול והדיו; לבין פתיחת מניפה לאופקים חדשים ולתובנות אינדבידואליות עמוקות וספונטניות כאחד

ציפי ויצמן מרצה להסטוריה של האמנות

I’ve not done any artwork before but was drawn to this course and I’m really enjoying it. Each lesson is just the right length and very clear. My bamboo at the moment looks more like laurel but I have lots of paper, onward and upward! When we are back in more sociable times, I would like to come on a residential course and will keep looking out for them.

— Leonie C.