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Providing you with access to the Foundation Course, Pine & Ikebana, Shallow Water, Wisteria, ArtBrush Library, and Water Iris & Dragonflies for one year

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The ArtBrush Yearly Membership grants you access to all of the schools courses for one year. Providing you with an all-rounded, in-depth learning experience for your journey in Japanese ink painting. Courses included in the Yearly Membership are:

✥ Foundation Course (Bamboo, Plum Blossom, Wild Orchids & Chrysanthemum)
Pine Ikebana & Ink Painting
Shallow Water - Shrimps & Crabs
ArtBrush Library
✥ Water Iris & Dragonflies - NEW!


✥ Learn how to prepare your workspace

✥ Learn how to hold the brush and make your own ink

✥ Exercise the brush to make fluent lines

✥ Use Japanese watercolours

✥ Create your very own beautiful ink paintings

✥ Deepen your experience of the meditative nature of ink painting


✥ Tools and materials check-list

✥ Downloadable PDF worksheet to accompany each lesson

✥ 3 additional compositions for you to practice in your own time

Your instructor


Talia is an artist, a practitioner and a teacher of traditional Japanese ink painting. Following years of teaching, her love and passion for this artistic medium has now prompted her to create ArtBrush - online school for the studies of Japanese ink painting. The school is designed for students of all levels, from around the world, who are excited to learn, explore and discover the joy of ink painting and its many facets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the course for?
The ArtBrush Membership grants you access to all included courses for one year.
I am a complete beginner, is this for me?
Yes! The course is designed with beginners and intermediate students in mind, as well as, those who are keen to deepen their knowledge of the field. There are many step-by-step videos that are perfect for anyone just getting started. No previous experience in art or ink painting is required. The course is for mixed-level abilities.
I am a professional artist, is this for me?
Absolutely! Many professional artists and designers have been studying with Talia and have benefited from the Japanese art and practice aesthetics. The courses offer new ways of observing nature and understanding painting composition and space in a way unique to Japanese ink painting.
Would I need any special tools and materials?
Yes! Please view the short 'check list' video and PDF for help in setting up your workspace and for preparing your tool-set for the courses. You can choose from a selection of 3 comprehensive sets of tools and materials. You can do this via the school on: These sets were especially curated by Talia for the school in collaboration with our supplier in Japan. Each set is of high quality and designed to last a lifetime. Alternatively, depending upon where you are based around the globe, you may get individual tools and materials at your local Japanese/Chinese art supply shop or at some general art supply shops. You can also find online a variety of budget sets. Once you learn on the course, and understand about your toolkit, you will be able to easily sort out what you need. Your ordered set will arrive direct from Japan. Expect up to 2 weeks for delivery, local taxes are not included.
What if I wish to cancel?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course, but you will have access to the ArtBrush Yearly Membership for one year.
How can I get help or ask more questions?
At any time, our team will help you at [email protected]
What software do I need to access the course?
Please simply ensure that you have updated your internet browser to the latest version. If you run into any technical issues, we advise to clear your cache, cookies and browsing history. For any further technical enquiries please contact: [email protected]
How do I enrol on a course?
To enrol on one of the ArtBrush courses, simply scroll to the bottom of this page, and complete your purchase using your desired payment plan. Ensure you use the correct email address, and your purchase details will be sent to you.

Very detailed and informative course ! I have always been an admirer of Asian traditional painting and this course provided me of an insider's look of this magic world. With the help of Talia and the ARTBRUSH online courses, I have managed to learn, exercise and master special brushwork techniques otherwise unaccesible to me. I also got an overall understanding of the aesthetics around this beautiful world of ink painting.

I totally recommend this!

Olympia T. Artist & Writer

As a beginner in Japanese Ink Painting, Talia's approach to teaching made me feel completely comfortable. I have learnt so much about the history, processes and application of Ink Painting and cannot wait to continue pursuing my newfound skill set even further. I would recommend ArtBrush to everyone, no matter of capability, it's a truly unique school which allows for dedicated and encouraging learning.

Holly G. Artist

During uncertain times, ArtBrush has been a wonderful source of solace. I joined ArtBrush as a complete beginner, looking to combine my passion for art with my interest in meditation. Japanese ink painting requires such focus, and engenders a great sense of calmness. I have been able to develop creatively and the process has given me the time for contemplation. I would highly recommend these courses.

Katherine B.

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